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Hanioti History - Geography

Hanioti is located at the southern end of the first leg, Kassandra and attracts thousands of visitors during the summer tourist season.

It is a half hour from Macedonia airport located in a beautiful bay. The sea is magnificent and worth seeing the combination of green pines and the blue-thalassas.Paradosiakoi streets alleys, taverns and clubs catering to every guest.

It belongs to the municipality of Kassandra Region of Central Macedonia (Kallikratis program).

Located east of Kassandra and is well developed. The area has pine forests, but were severely damaged by fire in 2006.

The name of Hanioti

The village was moved to its present location in 1930 after a devastating earthquake. Probably founded in the late 16th century.

According to tradition, the name is due to the first inhabitant of the village, who settled in the south of the current settlement (Old Village). He was reportedly from Chania and so the settlement was named Hanioti. In another aspect, the area owes its name to a Hanioti, ie chanitzi who kept a caravanserai (inn) in the region. Thus, the area was called the Hanioti.

Petralona: Cave - Museum

The cave Petralona open to the public since 1979, a nakalifthikan Mars Paulianos traces of habitation Archanthropinae approximately 700,000 years.

Mount Athos

Includes twenty Holy Monasteries and other monastic institutions and informally designated as "Autonomous Monastic State." It is the center of Orthodox Christian monasticism.